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LiDAR Processing

Post-process trajectories, boresight, strip match, remove outliers, and classify the point cloud to take your raw LiDAR data and transform it into a usable tool for geospatial analysis. We have a variety of manufacture specific LiDAR processing software at an affordable price.

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SpatialExplorer Pro includes advanced data calibration and analytic tools on top of all the features from the standard SpatialExplorer software.


Phoenix LiDAR Systems provides its proprietary software suite for streamlined acquisition, geo-referencing, data fusion & export, with your system purchase.


LiDARMILL, the first cloud-based LiDAR post-processing platform, automates your post-processing workflow so you can spend more time meeting your clients' needs and achieving your business goals.
Looking for a User Plan Suitable for your business? Whether you’re a surveyor, utility company, or government office, LiDARMill has packages to meet your post-processing demands.

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