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These specialty cameras are tightly integrated with our autonomous platforms and flight planning software to accurately capture imagery in specific targeted light bands. We work with industry leaders to engineer the perfect solution for each unique use case. Our range of multispectral cameras can be used in environmental monitoring and research, or commercial industries where natural resource management is a priority. We offer both passive options as well as stabilized gimbal mounting for your operation’s needs!

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The RedEdge-P is a single camera solution for synchronized capture of calibrated high-resolution multispectral and RGB imagery, with an optimized FOV and capture rate for efficient flights. It seamlessly integrates a high-resolution all-color imager with synchronized multispectral imagers to enable pan-sharpened RGB and multispectral outputs at 2cm GSD from 60m.

The RedEdge-P SkyPort comes ready to integrate with the DJI M200 Series enabling the sensor to be powered by the drone.


Altum-PT is an optimized 3-in-1 solution for advanced remote sensing and agricultural research. It seamlessly integrates an ultra-high-resolution panchromatic imager, a new thermal imager that provides twice the ground resolution of the previous Altum, and five discrete spectral bands, allowing plant-level applications such as early-stage stand counting. Altum-PT also features a global shutter for distortion-free results, open APIs, and a new storage device allowing for up to 2 captures/second.

This sensor kit comes ready to integrate with DJI SkyPort compatible drones (Matrice 300, Matrice 200 V2, and Matrice 210 V2). However, integration with DJI M210 RTK drone has not been validated, therefore we cannot ensure compatibility.

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