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LOP62, BeiDou option, enables BeiDou tracking on a GS18 receiver.


LOP61, Galileo option, enables Galileo tracking on a GS18 receiver.


LOP60, GLONASS option, enables GLONASS tracking on a GS18 receiver.


LOP66, NMEA out option, enables NMEA to be streamed from GS18 receivers.


LOP72, OWI option, enables GS18 receiver to be controlled from 3rd Party software.


LOP63, QZSS option, enables QZSS tracking on a GS18 receiver.


LOP65, RINEX option, allows logging of RINEX data on a GS18 receiver.


LOP71, RTK Reference station option, enables RTK data to be transmitted from a GS18 receiver.


GRL206, SmartTrack+ Interference Mitigation option for GR30/GR50/GM30 GNSS receiver.

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