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Thermal Infrared

Thermal Infrared Cameras can be installed stand alone or alongside RGB visual light sensors to simultaneously capture thermal and color data. The camera is integrated onto a stabilized gimbal mount for easy installation, making it quickto use in any application where you need both vision AND temperature information at once!

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DJI has once again created an industry-leading innovation in the H20T, an aerial imaging payload that integrates four powerful sensors for unprecedented efficiency and capabilities for commercial applications. The robust camera is ready for all kinds of weather and job site conditions with an IP44 rating, and an operating temperature range of -4°F to 122°F. Active image stabilization and EIS ensure clear, crisp, blur-free images, and the four integrated sensors provide a combination of resources to get you advanced and accurate intelligence in any type of scenario imaginable.


Multi-sensor payloads that bring a whole new meaning to efficiency. The unique intelligence and integrated design provide unprecedented aerial imaging capabilities for a range of commercial drone applications.


The powerful VUE TZ20-R thermal zoom drone payload from Teledyne FLIR is made in the USA. It allows pilots of DJI V2 Matrice 200 series and 300 series aircraft to see and measure thermal details that are otherwise unavailable. With two FLIR Boson® thermal cameras, the TZ20-R puts four times more pixels on target than any other product on the market with an unmatched 20x zoom capability. Utility, roofing, solar farm, and other industrial inspectors can use this technology to zoom in on objects of interest, identify them with unparalleled clarity, and measure their radiometric temperatures from a safe distance. Pilots in search and rescue, law enforcement, firefighting, and public safety can use the affordable VUE TZ20-R to search and observe from a distance while using thermal zoom to reduce false positives and make critical decisions faster. With thermal zoom and radiometry, the TZ20-R can help deliver performance-leading missions, like faster searches, silent surveillance, and safer stand-off inspections.

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