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With the change in National policy, cybersecurity concerns, and IT risk, purchasing a Buy American Act (BAA), Trade Agreement Act (TAA), or Made in the USA based drone can be an important consideration to supporting work for government, infrastructure, and other enterprise clients. Buying American is not just about national pride, it is about having control of your drone configuration, where you can easily use it, and what you can upgrade to keep it current.
Mapping Supply intensely vets US manufactures for functionality, dependability, ease of use, and service so that you get the best solution the market can supply.

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The Skyfish M4 elevates the commercial drone to a whole new level of performance and usability. An American made drone with best-in-class components and superior flight and payload capabilities, the M4 tackles inspection and measurement or critical infrastructure - including tower, bridges, powerlines, wind turbines - with survey-grade accuracy.


Carry everything you need for as long as you want.

The Skyfish M4 drone can fly for a solid 60 minutes with empty weight. Add 4.55 lbs and you have 38 flight minutes. The M4 can integrate hundreds of custom payloads. Contact us to find out the flight times for your configuration.

The Skyfish M6 drone is specialized for industrial applications and heavy payloads, including electro-optical, thermal, and robotic. The M6 is made in America and can perform specific tasks that require efficient, repeatable and accurate outcomes. Examples are: infrastructure inspections, surveying, precision measurements, mapping and geospatial data collection.

Engineered for the toughest missions.

Foldable carbon polymer construction with 6 motors

65 mph top speed, powered by long-lasting Li-Ion batteries

Supports the Sony Alpha series of cameras for up to 61 megapixels of capture, as well as thermal and LiDAR

Capable of carrying 12 lbs for 30 minutes

Survey and capture, far and wide.

Superior motor and battery technology enable the Skyfish M6 to fly uninterrupted for up to 52 minutes unladen, and for 30 minutes with a 12 lb payload. The M6 is a workhorse with impressive payload capacity. Contact us today to learn how the M6 can meet your payload vs. flight time requirements.

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